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About Us

For 20 years we have been creating, delivering, and improving IT solutions that help law firms work more efficiently and conveniently. We were with the lawyers when the first PCs appeared in law firms. We are also now when the world has become internet and mobile.


Your partner in digital transformation

We help lawyers work more efficiently thanks to the complete law firm management system.

We have carried out over 1 000 implementations of our systems in Poland, Norway, and Sweden. Altogether, over 8 000 professionals take advantage of them. Our Polish team consists of 50 people ready to simplify the work of your law firm every day.

We are not only #legaltech experts but also careful observers of the reality of modern lawyers. Therefore, the Advisor247 system is easy to use and combines the most important functions of many separate tools used by the legal industry.

Our approach and openness to continuous improvement of the offered solutions make us an active participant in the digital revolution and an initiator of educational campaigns on #legaltech.

Because we know that thanks to technology, your law firm can do more. Just take the first step.

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