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The system for you and your team

Advisor247 responds to the needs of every law firm. Regardless of how large your team is, what your main specialization is, whether you provide services to individuals or companies – Advisor247 is a comprehensive solution that will be adapted to you. Not conversely.

Large Law Firm

>80 employees

You already know how you want to act. You have achieved success. Advisor247 will improve the management of the entire law firm and support your unique know-how. It will provide tools for even more effective work.

Large Law Firms

Medium Law Firm

11-80 employees

You want to improve and develop. Advisor247 will allow you to coordinate the work of teams, share information, and make rational decisions based on clear analytical data.

Medium-sized law firms

Small Law Firm

1-10 employees

Your law firm is small, but your needs are the same as any lawyer. Advisor247 is a ready-made solution that you can use immediately.

Small law firms

Legal Departments

Legal departments have different requirements than law firms. Advisor247 allows for convenient cooperation both within the organization and with external entities. It blends into the company's ecosystem and the benefits are felt by the entire company.

Legal departments

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