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A good law firm management system can be combined with tools that lawyers use on a daily basis. This is how Advisor247 works. Our system will efficiently connect to all programs used by the law firm to carry out daily tasks. It will unify the working environment, simplify the flow of information, increase productivity and profitability.


Microsoft365 Service


Take advantage of rich integration functionalities with Microsoft365 programs (MS Outlook, MS Word, MS Excel) on both Windows and MAC computers.

MS Exchange


Conveniently connect your Advisor247 calendar to your MS Exchange calendar.

GUS (Central Statistical Office) Base


Synchronize company data with GUS database, providing only tax id number - without leaving the system.



Conveniently synchronize accounts data with an active EU VAT number with a single button.

Information Portal of Common Courts


Obtain case information, download or link documents and add a hearing to your calendar – all from Advisor247.

SMS gateway


Send notifications to customers or employees in just a few clicks with sms API integration.



Deliver telephone customer service directly from the system by integrating with VoIP Datera switchboard.

Web forms

Transfer data from web forms directly to Advisor247. No more double work - you can start monetizing leads right away!

NBP (National Bank of Poland) exchange table

Always up-to-date and adjusted to requirements exchange rates - necessary for invoicing purposes.

Optima (coming soon)

The integration with a well-known accounting system will allow for comprehensive financial service of the law firm.

E-sender (coming soon)

Simplify the postage of mail from the law firm by registering both registered and ordinary mail in the Polish Post system. Generate a mail register book without leaving Advisor247.

SharePoint (coming soon)

Manage text files and documents conveniently and quickly also in your law firm management system.

iManage (coming soon)

Use integration with iManage and take advantage of the most important features of the program directly in Advisor247.

We have been facilitating lawyers' work for 20 years. Take advantage of our experience.

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