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A comprehensive system
for managing
large law firms

Advisor247 Legal

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We perfectly understand
that every large law firm has its own needs.

We have been working with large organizations. where individual solutions work best, for years. We know how important are:

  • the ability to efficiently manage the work of the entire law firm,
  • the adaptation to processes and organizational structure,
  • the protection and development of the unique know-how,
  • the automation and improvements in settlements with customers,
  • analytics, measuring performance indicators, multidimensional reporting,
  • the support of a trusted technological partner – ready to provide quick help in any situation,
  • the system integration with other programs used daily,
  • the ability to share knowledge and re-use resources of the law firm (documents, procedures, knowledge).  

Advisor247 can be adapted to the expectations of any large organization – so that your team can work even more efficiently.

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